This Is Why You Should be Smoking Hemp Instead of Tobacco Cigarettes

These days a smoker has many different options to choose from. While we all know smoking tobacco is dangerous to the body, it is still hard to quit. And now there are vaping pens and vaping liquids that claim to be better for you than cigarettes.

Some people believe that as long as it is not a tobacco cigarette that it is okay. But that’s not true. You should be careful with what you put into your body, and that includes smoking. Even if you’ve moved from cigarettes to vaping pens, you are in some cases inhaling chemicals that should not be introduced into your lungs. If you are still smoking nicotine cigarettes or are trying to quit, you may want to try hemp cigarettes.

What Is Hemp And What Are Hemp Cigarettes?

First, what is hemp? Hemp comes from the cannabis plant. Hemp and marijuana both come from the cannabis plant, but while one is used as a drug, the other is not. Hemp has a low level of THC, which is why it is not used to get high. But while it is low in THC, hemp has a high level of CBD, which is very beneficial for the body.

Hemp cigarettes are just that, hemp cigarettes. They are also called CBD cigarettes. They are rolled with hemp and contain no additives. This means that there’s no tobacco, nicotine, or other chemicals. Rolled with hemp flower, hemp cigarettes will give you a potent dose of CBD. If you are trying to quit smoking, hemp cigarettes allow you to still practice the act of smoking without inhaling harmful chemicals.

Hemp vs Tobacco

Everyone knows that tobacco cigarettes are bad for you but because they can be so addictive they are hard to quit. Tobacco cigarettes are filled with nicotine and carcinogens, along with other harmful chemicals that are addictive and can cause your health to decline.

Hemp cigarettes are natural. They are rolled with hemp flower and do not contain nicotine. They are not addictive, nor are they harmful to your lungs like tobacco. They can be used to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes because they look like regular cigarettes. While they look like regular cigarettes, they do not mess with your health.


Many people have heard of hemp or CBD but still don’t know a lot about it. Hemp is low in THC, which is why you can’t get high off of it, but it is high in CBD. CBD or Cannabidiol can help soothe many health problems that you may have. You can get CBD as an oil, gummies, vape oil, or in lotions.

Smoking hemp cigarettes gives you the most direct dose of CBD. There are many benefits to using CBD:

  • Pain management
  • Anxiety relief
  • Reduce depression
  • Ease pain and side effects from cancer and cancer treatment
  • Reduce acne
  • May benefit heart health

Smoking hemp cigarettes will give you the effects of CBD faster than any other method, but there are other beneficial reasons for smoking hemp cigarettes.

If you are trying to quit smoking tobacco, then hemp cigarettes could help you. They look and feel like a regular cigarette. Because they feel and look the same when you hold them in your hand, it gives you the illusion that you are smoking just another cigarette.

Also, smoking hemp cigarettes can help quell any cravings you have for nicotine. CBD has been shown to help with addiction. It helps to rewire the brain, so it is not as dependent on drugs. It can also help ease any anxiety or fear you may have because you are trying to quit.

Smoking hemp cigarettes can promote a calm and relaxing feeling after smoking that last for a long time. And because it is all-natural, it won’t hurt your lungs or cause cancer.

Smoking hemp cigarettes are a good idea for a few reasons. If you are trying to quit tobacco, it is definitely the best option. You can still smoke a cigarette, but this one won’t hurt you or those around you through second-hand smoke. The most important reason is that it is good for you. Because hemp contains higher levels of CBD than marijuana, it is better for your body, and you won’t get high. Instead, you will feel relaxed and calm, which is the perfect way to start and end a day.


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