Should You Roll Your Own Hemp Cigarettes?

Smokable Hemp flowers offer a lot of perks to their users. Not only do they provide a great-tasting and relaxing smoke, but they also have a wide range of health benefits. There are many different forms of Hemp on the market, and we are going to compare two of the most common. Some people like to buy pre-rolled Hemp cigarettes in a pack while others choose a pack of papers and the DIY option. Neither of these approaches are necessarily “right” or “wrong,” so let’s take an objective look at their pros and cons.


Buying Pre-Rolled Smokes: The Pros

The first (and most obvious) benefit here is convenience. You don’t have to worry about grinding up the flowers, removing stems or seeds, or anything like that. All you have to do is pull one out of the pack and it’s ready to use. This can be a big plus for those who enjoy smoking on the go.

This convenience factor becomes even more important if you happen to be one of those people that can’t roll very well. Some people just don’t have the knack for this particular skill, and there is no need to be ashamed if that describes you. Indeed, people like that are the whole reason that pre-rolled cigarettes remain so popular.

Pre-rolled cigarettes will also look a lot less like an illegal Marijuana joint, which could be a definite plus if you find yourself in a situation where the authorities are asking nosy questions. You want to be patient in such a situation because this product does exist in something of a legal “middle ground.”

Pre-rolled Hemp cigarettes will also burn more evenly than those that are rolled by hand. Any cigarette rolled by hand is going to be at least a little bit inconsistent. Amateurs often roll cigarettes with a huge bulge in the middle, and only a machine seems capable of a perfectly even roll. Even rolling means even burning, and there is nothing more annoying than a runaway cigarette.


Buying Pre-Rolled Smokes: The Cons

The biggest downside to buying these things is the fact that they are a little more expensive. To be fair, though, the cost is only a little bit more when you consider the fact that rollers have to buy papers, a grinder, a rolling tray, and other such things. Still, you always have to pay a little bit more if you want convenience and this is no exception.

That nice, even burn that you get from a machine-rolled cigarette can actually be duplicated by home, though probably not by hand. There are plenty of small rolling machines that you can get, and some of them cost as little as $8-$10. That reduces the appeal of pre-rolled smokes somewhat, even if the better rolling machines might cost a little more.

Another small downside is the fact that you will usually find yourself buying entire packs consisting of the same flavor/strain. While this isn’t really a big deal, home rollers will experience a little more variety.


Rolling Your Own Hemp: The Pros

One great thing about rolling your smokes is the fact that you will save money. Yes, you will have to buy things like papers, a tray, a grinder, and maybe a rolling machine. However, all but one of those is not a recurring expense. If you take care of your rolling kit, it can last you for many years to come. Only papers have to be bought regularly, and they tend to be quite cheap. Here’s a little pro tip: Buy your papers in bulk online to make them even cheaper.

There is also something to be said for the satisfaction of a well-done rolling job. One might even say that there is a certain sense of artfulness in the rolling of a good cigarette. Of course, such art is disposable because it’s meant to be set on fire, but that’s beside the point. When rolling your own, you can also play mix and match with various strains to create all sorts of interesting combinations.


Rolling Your Own Hemp: The Cons

When you decide to do everything for yourself, you can expect more prep time when you sit down to smoke. You’ll have to select a nice flower or two, grind them up, remove any stems or seeds that might be present, and spread it all evenly across the paper. That’s not a whole lot of work, but it does take a lot longer than simply pulling out a pack.

If you are not very good at rolling, the attempt to do so could prove frustrating. Since relaxation is one of the main reasons to smoke Hemp, it makes no sense to introduce an irritating element into your routine. Thus, if you find that rolling doesn’t come easy for you, it might be more trouble than it’s worth. Some people enjoy rolling but if you don’t, there’s no sense in forcing the issue.



As we said before, there isn’t really one right answer for everyone. What works well for one person might not work at all for another, so do bear that in mind. You will simply have to decide how important the convenience factor is and whether it is worth the extra cost. We thank you for reading and we hope to see you again soon.


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