Jeep Conversions

We have these sessions in our Jeeps where we get together with our friends that don’t like the idea of using CBD as an alternative medicine, or even giving it a chance.

We invite them over for a long drive or just a weekend trip where we stop for a couple spots, have a good time and comeback. And when we are on this trip, we talk about hemp/CBD and listen to their side of the argument.

Most of the time, they say that CBD is way too close to the real thing that gets people high. But the problem is, they haven’t tried CBD themselves so they don’t know that CBD doesn’t cause the high.

They think that the feeling of being relaxed is what being high means. Which is not true.

And so, thanks to the internet, we show them that what they think isn’t really true. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. THC is the chemical that causes that high and all CBD products have less than 0.3% THC.

They are legally required to keep THC below that percentage or they won’t be allowed to sell CBD in the country.

We do all this while being respectful, eating good food and overall having a good time. That’s how we do our “Jeep Conversions” here at Diesel Toyz.

How do you guys do it?