TDI But It’s CBD

TDI is an abbreviation for Turbocharged Direct Injection. I think CBD is the same thing for humans. Indirectly though.

Think about it.

CBD is such a powerful substance that it can help with pain, stress, anxiety, sleep, etc.

Everything that we use pain killers for or medications that mess up our livers permanently, CBD can do that. Without the side effects.

Most people that are on medications, end up having to either increase the concentration of the medications they are taking, or increase the quantity. Because their body developed a tolerance for it.

Imagine that extra quantity of medications that the liver has to process. No wonder we have an opioid crisis in the country.

With CBD, that doesn’t happen. Not only that, it is also way cheaper than all the medications. That is the #1 reason why we here at Diesel Toyz recommend CBD as a first option after consulting with your doctor.

If you can get the same result by using CBD without having to risk your liver and other things, why not do it?

Sure, your insurance might not cover it. But is your insurance more important than risking your entire life?

Those are the questions you have to ask yourself when making the decision whether you should give CBD a shot or not. Just a TDI in a car, you have to decide whether you want to be a well-oiled machine that runs fast and for a long time. Or do you want to be a machine that runs too fast but only for a short time?