Timing Your CBD Intake

Just a car timing belt, you need to make sure that you are timing your CBD. It is an important concept because you don’t want to feel relaxed the entire day. Maybe you want to go workout in the morning. And if you are too relaxed, you won’t be able to effectively workout.

So, it is important that you identify the reason why you want to smoke CBD cigarettes in the first place. Whether that is for pain relief, better sleep, or anxiety. You have to identify the reason and then come up with a strategy that supports that.

For Better Sleep
If you’re smoking hemp cigarettes for better sleep, then it is simple. Smoke your CBD one or two hours before bed and you should be relaxed enough to have an amazing sleep. CBD is known to be much better than melatonin as a sleep aid. When you use melatonin, your brain develops a tolerance to the amount of melatonin you take. So the longer you take melatonin, the higher dose you’ll have to go for. Which is never a good idea.

CBD on the other hand works differently. Once you identify what concentration you respond to, you can get the same results at that concentration for however long you are going to be using it.

Pain Relief
When it comes to pain relief it depends what kind of pain you are experience. Or which part of your body is experiencing pain. In most cases, you will have to get a topical solution to deal with this. Hemp cigarettes won’t be able to help you with it.

With a topical solution, it is simple. Whichever part of your body you’re experiencing pain, apply the CBD topical solution on it and wait for a couple minutes.

And that’s it.

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