Toyota Hemp Conversation

Do you guys had that time when one of your best friends bought a Toyota and it was the first car of your group. So you guys decided to go on a long drive and smoke a bunch of hemp cigarettes on the way to wherever you were going.

We did that when we were young. Back in high school when none of us had enough money or seriousness in life to even think about getting a drivers license, one of our friends got one.

Only problem was, he didn’t have a car. And his dad didn’t want him to drive his car because he got into an accident one time. So our friend had to buy a car on his own.

It took him about a year or 13 months to do that. But the day he got the car, we made a plan to just keep driving the whole night. Nobody knew where we were going, but we were going to keep driving. And everyone in the backseat were smoking hemp cigarettes.

This new car was like our very own Diesel Toy that we could play with for however long we wanted.